The General Secretary

The Office
of the

General Secretary

Bishop Bennett B. Gamble, Sr., General Secretary

The Office of the General Secretary is responsible for developing and maintaining data pertaining to The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International and oversees the credentialing of those engaged in the ministry of the Church.

In addition, the office certifies delegates to the General Assembly, publishes official documents and certificates, maintains the official record of General Assembly proceedings, distributes pertinent information to the constituents of the Church, plays a pivotal role in church: collects and reports church statistics, maintains an accurate database of credential holders, officers, churches and jurisdictions.

In addition, the Office of the General Secretary is an integral part of all ceremonial activities, inaugurals, celebrations and ecumenical services. The General Secretary is the official keeper of The WOTCC seal, registered agent for the Church, and signatory on all official documents along with the Presiding Bishop. The General Secretary shall coordinate the efforts of the Secretariat (which includes the Assistant General Secretary, the Corresponding Secretary, the Recording Secretary, and their assistants).

The Office of General Secretary Administrative Staff

General Secretary

Bishop Troy Barnett


Shakeem Boone

Assistant Administrator

Vivian C. Person

Recording Secretary

Deborah Dorsey

Corresponding Secretary

Vivian England

National Archivist/Historian

Shirley Johnson

National Headquarters
Bishop Bennett B. Gamble, Sr.
General Secretary

Deacon Herbert Contee
Trustee Board Executive Administrator

1800 Hazelwood Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20743, US

Executive Staff

Bishop Earley Dillard, Presiding Bishop
Bishop Roosevelt Fulton, Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Darnell Easton, 2nd Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks, Presider Emeritus
Bishop Bennett B Gamble, Sr., General Secretary